You can rely on us

At words connect we offer translations in 20 languages both for firms and for individual clients. We offer language lessons of the highest quality and best prices.

Our foreign language base has created a group of experienced and competent translators, lecturers, proof readers and editors. For many years we have run a translation service certified to the needs of government and law courts. We also work on many other translations, motor documentation necessary for registration when buying or driving abroad.

Translation constitutes our greatest passion. We approach every client individually so they can expect and trust our support to meet their objective, with drive and motivation and the experience to take the correct action.

We do translations for state owned institutes, secondary schools and higher education advertising agencies, law offices and notaries.

Among our clients are well known foreign and Polish firms, car manufacturing brands and companies from the technical, computer and medical sectors.

Extremely valuable experience allows our translators provision for written services in every field

We also include in our services simultaneous and consecutive interpreters, so our interpreters can support you at meetings and negotiations for business in Poland and abroad. We are pleased and proud to be able to help our clients with so many complex tasks; Services for clients in the market place at conferences for training and at banquets and other events.

This is exactly how we have found a common language.

Our philosophy

Our business motto is to constantly strive to satisfy our clients requests and work on the material rendered to us and our service. Every translation is an art unto itself but satisfying our clients is our greatest prize and satisfaction.

Sworn translating

All kinds of documents (contracts, diplomas, government papers, civil and expert belonging to third parties or present authorities)

Our settlement is one side of sworn translated text numbering 1125 letters including spaces and punctuation.

Every side is authenticated by seals from a sworn translator.

Ordinary translation

One side computational ordinary or specialist to 1800 letters with spaces.

Ordinary translation consists of every type of text which does not require credential seals. These include Civil and legal projects and contracts, business offers, instruction manuals for use of machinery etc. Summary of diploma work, presentation papers, web pages and C.V’s.

Technical translation

Included in the written translation group are among others

  • Instruction manuals
  • Technical specifications
  • Product lists
  • Presentations
  • Production line descriptions
  • Standards
  • Expert
  • Technical drawings
  • Patent documentation
  • Certificates
  • Specialist translations, legal, medical, technical, business and teaching materials

Written translations

We work on complex materials and we provide a comprehensive service for our clients. We gladly take on long written translations of text and all specialist and certified work.

Language services for firms and workers

An active and ready consultation in foreign languages, translation of leading articles and correspondence in foreign languages. Also services for people moving abroad and translation of all documentation for travel and motoring abroad.

Sworn translations in every language

Perfect translations guaranteed

Why us

  • Best quality at best prices
  • Simple procedures for ordering and reception of orders and translations
  • Language consultant matched to requirements of each client
  • Translations in all world languages
  • Sworn translations in all world languages
  • Native speaker verified translating
  • Professional knowledge and language competency
  • Lectureship and language correction
  • We work all over the country and abroad


Document translation

Why you should translate with us.

What we are notable for is our professional approach and our many years of experience, also our punctuality and keeping of deadlines. Every order is treated with individual care as every client is important to us. We follow the dates and schedules required by our clients as a priority. And all our clients can expect low prices and easy payments, so clients do not have to worry about anything.

  • Free inquiries for valuation in under half an hour.
  • A client’s confirmation is the green light for us.
  • We price every order individually.
  • We act as partners for firms, offering them a wide range of complex services.
  • We work with native speakers and all translated text is subjected to verification.
  • Our document translations cover many areas.
  • Mostly we see business in advertising such as texts and web pages.
  • Medical and business documents.
  • Machine instructions and manuals.
  • Private and business correspondence.
  • Administrative contracts.
  • Law and legal texts and bills.
  • Car documents.


We are open:

Mon-Fri. 8.00-17.00. After office hours or on Saturdays contact by email or telephone.

Emergency Hot line- Mobile +48 796 488 795

Certified translations in German and English available from our full time office.


We are placed in Reda on the main high road between Gdynia and Wejherowo

Driving by car:  Behind our building there are parking spaces for our clients, the entrance is from Św. Wojciecha street. Also there are spaces available to everyone 20 meters before our building in the bureau de change bay [When travelling from Gdynia].

We are also there to take your orders in Góra, Wejherowo, Bolszewo. We ask early phone contact, so we are able to collect and prepare your documents.

Contact our personal assistant by phone to order personal documents or to pay by order.